Contents of Fundamenta Informaticae Volume 56.

Number 1-2, June-July 2003
Number 3, July-August 2003
Number 4, August-September 2003

Contents of Volume 56, Number 1-2,  June-July 2003
Special issue on Computing Patterns in Strings

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Occurrence and Substring Heuristics for d-Matching
Maxime Crochemore, Costas S. Iliopoulos, Thierry Lecroq, Yoan J. Pinzon, Wojciech Plandowski and Wojciech Rytter 

Fast Multipattern Search Algorithms for Intrusion Detection
Josué Kuri, Gonzalo Navarro and Ludovic Mé 

Better Filtering with Gapped q-Grams
Stefan Burkhardt and Juha Kärkkäinen 

Regexpcount, a symbolic package for counting problems on regular expressions and words
Pierre Nicodème 

Speeding-up Hirschberg and Hunt-Szymanski LCS Algorithms
Maxime Crochemore, Costas S. Iliopoulos and Yoan J. Pinzon 

A Fast Algorithm for Optimal Alignment between Similar Ordered Trees
Jesper Jansson and Andrzej Lingas 

Computing forbidden words of regular languages
Marie-Pierre Béal, Maxime Crochemore, Filippo Mignosi, Antonio Restivo and Marinella Sciortino

Time/Space Efficient Compressed Pattern Matching
Leszek G±sieniec and Igor Potapov 

Definability and Compression
Foto Afrati, Hans Leiß  and Michel de Rougemont 

A Simple and Scalable Algorithm for the IP Address Lookup Problem
Inbok Lee, Kunsoo Park, Sung Kwon Chung and Yanghee Choi 

Compact Suffix Array - A Space-Efficient Full-Text Index
Veli Mäkinen

Contents of Volume 56, Number 3,  July-August 2003
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Eliminating Unorthodox Derivation Rules in an Axiom System for Iteration-free PDL with Intersection
Philippe Balbiani 

An Efficient and Practical (t, n) Threshold Proxy Signature Scheme with Known Signers
Hui-Feng Huang and Chin-Chen Chang 

On the Infinigons of the Hyperbolic Plane, A combinatorial approach
Maurice Margenstern 

On the existence of a new family of Diophantine equations for Omega
Toby Ord and Tien D. Kieu 

Center-Based Indexing in Vector and Metric Spaces
Arkadiusz Wojna 

Contents of Volume 56, Number 4,  August-September 2003
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Tissue-like P Systems with Active Membranes for Picture Generation
Rodica Ceterchi, Radu Gramatovici, Natasa Jonoska and K.G. Subramanian 

Evolution of Collective Commitment during Teamwork
Barbara Dunin-K êplicz and Rineke Verbrugge 

On the Notion of Elementary Description
Tomasz Terlikowski 

On the Finiteness of Picture Languages of synchronous, simple non-deterministic Chain Code Picture Systems
Bianca Truthe