Contents of Fundamenta Informaticae Volume 53.

Number 1, November 2002
Number 2, November-December 2002
Number 3-4, December 2002

Contents of Volume 53, Number 1, November 2002

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Automata-Theoretic Decision Procedures for Information Logics
Stéphane Demri and Ulrike Sattler

Concept lattices and similarity in non-commutative fuzzy logic 
George Georgescu and Andrei Popescu

Process Algebra with Nonstandard Timing 
Kees A. Middelburg

Complexity of the Unique Extension Problem in Default Logic 
Xishun Zhao and Paolo Liberatore

Contents of Volume 53, Number 2, November-December 2002

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On message deliverability and non-uniform receptivity 
Roberto M. Amadio, Gérard Boudol and Cédric Lhoussaine

Cryptanalysis of the Hwang-Shi Proxy Signature Scheme 
Min-Shiang Hwang, Cheng-Chi Lee and Shin-Jia Hwang

On the Structure of Rough Approximations 
Jouni Järvinen

Learning Rough Set Classifiers from Gene Expressions and Clinical Data 
Herman Midelfart, Jan Komorowski, Kristin Nørsett, Fekadu Yadetie, Arne K. Sandvik and Astrid Lægreid

Characterization Results for Time-Varying Codes
Ferucio L.  Tiplea, Erkki Mäkinen and Dragos Trinca and Costel Enea

Contents of Volume 53, Number 3-4, December 2002

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New polynomial-time instances to various knapsack-type problems 
Isto Aho

Object Oriented Database with Authorization Policies 
Yun Bai and Vijay Varadharajan

Making revision reversible: an approach based on polynomials 
Salem Benferhat, Didier Dubois, Sylvain Lagrue and Odile Papini

Probabilistic Cluster Unfoldings 
Stefan Haar

A new class of algebraic series having a decidable equivalence problem 
Juha Honkala

Rough Equalities From Posets and Rough Difference Orders 
A. Mani

A Rough Set Approach to Estimating the Game Value and the Shapley Value from Data 
Lech Polkowski and Boles³aw Araszkiewicz

Application of Rule Induction and Rough Sets to Verification of Magnetic Resonance Diagnosis 
Krzysztof S³owiñski, Jerzy Stefanowski and Dariusz Siwiñski

 Approximate Entropy Reducts 
Dominik ¦lêzak

A logical approach to control. The concept of Inner Implication 
Tomasz Terlikowski