Contents of Fundamenta Informaticae Volume 52.

Number 1-3, August-September 2002
Number 4, September-October 2002

Contents of Volume 52, Number 1-3, August-September 2002

Special issue on Cellular Automata

Gianpiero Cattaneo, Bruno Durand, Giancarlo Mauri, Thomas Worsch

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Preface - Introduction to the special issue on Cellular Automata

Number-conserving cellular automaton rules 
Nino Boccara and Henryk Fuk¶

On Interacting Automata with Limited Nondeterminism 
Thomas Buchholz, Andreas Klein and Martin Kutrib

Chaotic Subshifts and Related Languages Applications to one-dimensional Cellular Automata 
Gianpiero Cattaneo, Alberto Dennunzio and Luciano Margara

Pebble Automata. Figures Families Recognition and Universality 
Marianne Delorme and Jacques Mazoyer

Firing Squad Synchronization Problem in Number-Conserving Cellular Automata 
Katsunobu IMAI, Kenichi MORITA and Kenji SAKO

Stability of subshifts in cellular automata 
Petr Kurka and Alejandro Maass

A Geometrical Hierarchy on Graphs via Cellular Automata 
Bruno Martin

Formal language recognition by stochastic cellular automata 
Daniel Merkle and Thomas Worsch

Effective Simulations on Hyperbolic Networks 
Codrin M. Nichitiu and Eric Rémila

Cellular Automata: Energy Consumption and Physical Feasibility
Peter Sanders, Roland Vollmar and Thomas Worsch

Cellular Automata and Intermediate Reachability Problems 
K. Sutner

A Design of Real-Time Non-Regular Sequence Generation Algorithms and Their Implementations on Cellular Automata with 1-Bit Inter-Cell Communications 
Hiroshi Umeo and Naoki Kamikawa

Three-dimensional Cellular Automata for Reaction-Diffusion Systems 
Jörg R. Weimar

Contents of Volume 52, Number 4, September-October 2002

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A Simple Architecture for Computing Moments and Orientation of an Image 
Sabyasachi Dey, Bhargab B. Bhattacharya, Malay K. Kundu and Tinku Acharya

Comparing Refinements for Failure and Bisimulation Semantics 
Rik Eshuis and Maarten M. Fokkinga

On Modal and Fuzzy Decision Logics Based on Rough Set Theory 
Tuan-Fang Fan, Churn-Jung Liau, and Yiyu Yao

Construction of Pure Grammars 
Miroslav Novotný

One-Visit Caterpillar Tree Automata 
Alexander Okhotin, Kai Salomaa and Michael Domaratzki

A Logical Approach to Control. Some New Logical Concepts and their Application to the Notion of Safety for Control Variants 
Tomasz Terlikowski