Contents of Fundamenta Informaticae Volume 48.

Number 1, October-November 2001
Number 2-3, November 2001
Number 4, December 2001

Contents of Volume 48, Number 1, October-November 2001

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Supporting Textual Input by Using Multiple Entropy Models 
Joscha Bach

On Variants of Communicating Distributed H Systems 
Pierluigi Frisco and Claudio Zandron

Behaviour Abstraction for Communicating Sequential Processes 
Maciej Koutny and Giuseppe Pappalardo

Multisequential Grammars with Homogeneous Selectors 
Alexander Meduna and Petr Vurm

On Efficient Handling of Continuous Attributes in Large Data Bases 
Nguyen Hung Son

Computability in Type-2 Objects with Well-Behaved Type-1 Oracles is p-Normal 
George Tourlakis

Some Algorithms for Extension Computation of Nonmonotonic Rule Systems 
Xishun Zhao and Decheng Ding

Contents of Volume 48, Number 2-3, November  2001

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Edited by R. Demolombe and R. Hilpinen 


A Fixed-point Characterization of a Deontic Logic of Regular Action 
Jan Broersen, Roel Wieringa and John-Jules Meyer

Deontic and Action Logics for Organized Collective Agency, Modeled through Institutionalized Agents and Roles 
José Carmo and Olga Pacheco

An Application of Deontic Logic to Information System Constraints 
Jose Carmo, Robert Demolombe and Andrew J.I. Jones

An Attempt to Adapt a Logic of Conditional Preferences for Reasoning with Contrary-To-Duties 
Laurence Cholvy and Christophe Garion

Sets, Sentences, and Some Logics about Imperatives 
Jörg Hansen

Natural Frames and Self-dual Logics 
R.E. Jennings

Cumulativity, Identity and Time in Deontic Logic 
Xavier Parent

Modelling Defeasibility in Law: Logic or Procedure? 
Henry Prakken

On the Representation of Action and Agency in the Theory of Normative Positions
Marek Sergot and Fiona Richards


Contents of Volume 48, Number 4, December  2001

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Using Distance Functions to Solve Representation Choice Problems
Ngoc Thanh Nguyen

Types for Active Objects with Static Deadlock Prevention 
Franz Puntigam and Christof Peter

Effective Procedures for Handling Possible Equivalence Relations in Non-deterministic Information Systems 
Hiroshi Sakai

Non-Clausal Reasoning with Definite Theories 
Zbigniew Stachniak

Computability by Sequences of Queries
Jerzy Tyszkiewicz