Contents of Fundamenta Informaticae Volume 46.

Number 1-2, April 2001
Number 3, May 2001
Number 4, June-July 2001

Contents of Volume 46, Number 1-2, April 2001

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Qualitative Spatial Representation and Reasoning: An Overview

A. G. Cohn and S. M. Hazarika 

Continuous Shape Transformation and Metrics on Regions

Ernest Davis 

Dominance Diagrams: A Tool for Qualitative Reasoning About Continuous Systems

Antony Galton 5

Algebras of Approximating Regions

Ivo Düntsch, Ewa Or³owska and Hui Wang

On Connection Synthesis via Rough Mereology

Lech Polkowski 

The Qualitative Structure of Built Environments

Thomas Bittner 

Points in point-free mereotopology

Dominik J. Schoop 

A Categorical Axiomatisation of Region-Based Geometry

Brandon Bennett 

Empiricism and Rationalism in Region-based Theories of Space

Ian Pratt-Hartmann 

Contents of Volume 46, Number 3, May 2001

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A Fragment of Intuitionistic Dynamic Logic

Sergio A. Celani

A Possibilistic Decision Logic with Applications

Churn-Jung Liau and Duen-Ren Liu

Sensitivity Analysis for Selective Learning by Feedforward Neural Networks

A.P. Engelbrecht

A Note on SE-Systems and Regular Canonical Systems

Ferucio Lauren tiu Tiplea and Erkki Mäkinen

Algorithms and Reductions for Rewriting Problems

Rakesh M. Verma, Michael Rusinowitch and Denis Lugiez

Contents of Volume 46, Number 4, June-July 2001

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Reduction and a Simple Proof of Characterization of Fuzzy Concept Lattices

Radim Blohlávek 

On Different Models for Packet Flow in Multistage Interconnection Networks

Martin Dietzfelbinger, Anna Gambin and S³awomir Lasota 

The Modal Query Language MDatalog

Linh Anh Nguyen 

Prelanguages Versus Submonoids

Jan Ostravský 

Geodesy and connectivity in lattices

Christian Ronse and Jean Serra