Contents of Fundamenta Informaticae Volume 45.

Number 1-2, January 2001
Number 3, February 2001
Number 4, March 2001

Contents of Volume 45, Number 1-2, January 2001

Special Issue on Typed Lambda Calculi and Applications

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Elementary Complexity and Geometry of Interaction

Patrick Baillot and Marco Pedicini 

Counting a Type's (Principal) Inhabitants

Sabine Broda and Luís Damas 

Computing with Böhm Trees

René David

Explicit Environments

Masahiko Sato, Takafumi Sakurai and Rod Burstall 

Marginalia to a Theorem of Jacopini

Rick Statman

Strong Normalisation of Cut-Elimination in Classical Logic

C. Urban and G. M. Bierman 

Contents of Volume 45, Number 3, February 2001

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The Ground Tree Transducer Game with Identical Tree Automata

János Apró and Sándor Vágvölgyi 

Iteration-free PDL with Intersection: a Complete Axiomatization

Philippe Balbiani and Dimiter Vakarelov 

From Mirkin's Prebases to Antimirov's Word Partial Derivatives

Jean-Marc Champarnaud and Djelloul Ziadi 

Complexity of Fuzzy Probability Logics

Petr Hájek and Sauro Tulipani 

Decomposing Timed Push Down Automata

Padmanabhan Krishnan 

Uniform Generation of Languages by Scattered Context Grammars

Alexander Meduna 

Skeptical Reasoning in FC-Normal Logic Programs is P11-complete

Robert Saxon Milnikel 

Approximating a Shortest Watchman Route

Bengt J. Nilsson 

Contents of Volume 45, Number 4, March 2001

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Sup-Compact and Inf-Compact Representations of W-Operators
Junior Barrera and Ronaldo Fumio Hashimoto 

Sensitivity Analysis for Selective Learning by Feedforward Neural Networks
Andries P. Engelbrecht 

Valences in Lindenmayer Systems
Henning Fernau and Ralf Stiebe 

Process Algebras for Network Communication
Damas P. Gruska and Andrea Maggiolo-Schettini 

Nonmodularity Results for Lambda Calculus
Antonino Salibra 

Complexity Results for 2CNF Default Theories
Xishun Zhao and Decheng Ding