Contents of Fundamenta Informaticae Volume 44.

Number 1-2, September 2000
Number 3, October 200
Number 4, November-December 2000

Contents of Volume 44, Number 1-2, September 2000

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Interactive Knapsacks

Isto Aho 

A Foundation for Refining Concurrent Objects

Martin Büchi and Emil Sekerinski 

Sharing Variables in Distributed Memory

Stanislaw Chrobot 

Dynamical Teams in Eco-Grammar Systems

Erzsebet Csuhaj-Varju and Victor Mitrana 

The PMA and Relativizing Minimal Change for Action Update

Patrick Doherty, Witold £ukaszewicz and Ewa Madaliñska-Bugaj 

Two Problems on Reduction Graphs in Lambda Calculus

Benedetto Intrigila and Anna R. Laurenzi 

Platek Spaces

Lyubomir Ivanov 

Boldface Recursion on Platek Spaces

Lyubomir Ivanov 

Contents of Volume 44, Number 3, October 2000

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Comparing Truly Concurrent Semantics for Contextual Place/Transition Nets with Inhibitor and Read Arcs

Nadia Busi and G. Michele Pinna 

On a Construction of Context-free Grammars

Pavel Martinek 

Thue Specifications, Infinite Graphs and Synchronized Product

Étienne Payet 

Normalized Decision Functions and Measures for Inconsistent Decision Tables Analysis

Dominik ¦lêzak 

Contents of Volume 44, Number 4, November-December 2000

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Deriving and Retrieving Contextual Categorical Information through Instance Inheritance

Anastasia Analyti, Nicolas Spyratos and Panos Constantopoulos 

Conditional Concatenation

Jürgen Dassow, Carlos Martín-Vide , Gheorghe Paun and Alfonso Rodríguez-Patón

Computational Complexity of Multimodal Logics Based on Rough Sets

Stéphane  Demri and Jaros³aw  Stepaniuk 

Representability of Pairing Relation Algebras Depends on your Ontology

Agnes Kurucz and István Németi