Contents of Fundamenta Informaticae Volume 42.

Number 1-4, July - August 2000

Contents of Volume 43, Number 1-4, July - August 2000

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Analysis of Timed Concurrent Models Based on Testing Equivalence
Maria V. Andreeva, Elena N. Bozhenkova and Irina B. Virbitskaite

Finite Completeness of Categories of Petri Nets
Marek A. Bednarczyk, Andrzej M. Borzyszkowski and Rafa³ Somla

Rational, Linear and Algebraic Process Languages and Iteration Lemmata
Ludwik Czaja and Manfred Kudlek

A Multi-region Linear Logic Based Calculus for Dynamic Petri Net Structures

Berndt Farwer

Structural Analysis of Signal-Event Systems
Adrianna Foremniak and Peter H. Starke

Occurrence Net Logics
Stefan Haar

A Formalization of Autonomous Dynamic Reconfiguration in Distributed Constraint Satisfaction
Markus Hannebauer

Timed Cooperating Automata
Ruggero Lanotte, Andrea Maggiolo-Schettini and Adriano Peron

Coping With Strong Fairness
Timo Latvala Keijo Heljanko

Nested Petri Nets - a Formalism for Specification and Verification of Multi-Agent Distributed Systems
Irina A.Lomazova

ChariTime - Concepts of Analysis and Design of an Agent-Oriented System for Appointment Management
Ines Münch, Gabriela Lindemann - v.Trzebiatowski

A Simple Implementation of Dijkstra's Shortest Path Algorithm on Associative Parallel Processors
Anna S. Nepomniaschaya Maria A. Dvoskina

Improving Partial Order Reductions for Universal Branching Time Properties
Wojciech Penczek, Maciej Szreter, Rob Gerth and Ruurd Kuiper

An Application of Rough Set Methods in Control Design
James F. Peters, Andrzej Skowron and Zbigniew Suraj

Rough Mereology in Information Systems with Applications to Qualitative Spatial Reasoning
Lech Polkowski and Andrzej Skowron

Analyzing and Reducing Simultaneous Firing in Signal-Event Nets
Stephan Roch

Stubborn Sets for Model Checking the EF/AG Fragment of CTL
Karsten Schmidt

TBase2 - a Web-Based Electronic Patient Record
Kay Schröter, Gabriela Lindemann von Trzebiatowski and Lutz Fritsche

Stable Models for Stubborn Sets
Kimmo Varpaaniemi