Contents of Fundamenta Informaticae Volume 40.

Number 1, October-November 1999
Number 2-3, November-December 1999
Number 4, December 1999

Contents of Volume 40, Number 1, October-November 1999

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Inductive Inference with Procrastination: Back to Definitions
A. Ambainis, R.Freivalds and C.H. Smith

Meta-Queries on Deductive Databases
P. Doherty, J. Kachniarz and A. Sza³as

Processing Deductive Databases under the Disjunctive Stable Model Semantics
C. A. Johnson

A Relation Between Unambiguous Regular Expressions and Abstract Data Types
V. Preoteasa

Computation of Extensions of Seminormal Default Theories
K. Su and W. Li



Contents of Volume 40, Number 2-3, November-December 1999

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Peter Lauer and COSY
Maciej Koutny

The AltaRica Formalism for Describing Concurrent Systems
André Arnold, Gérald Point, Alain Griffault and Antoine Rauzy

Generalised Composition Operations for High-level Petri Nets
Eike Best and Alexander Lavrov

Process Semantics for Place/Transition Nets with Inhibitor and Read Arcs
Nadia Busi and G. Michele Pinna

General Response Time Computation for the Deadline Driven Scheduling of Periodic Tasks
Raymond Devillers and Joël Goossens

Applying Techniques of Asynchronous Concurrency to Synchronous Languages
Andrea Maggiolo-Schettini and Simone Tini

The Synthesis Problem for Elementary Net Systems with Inhibitor Arcs
Marta Pietkiewicz-Koutny

An Acceptance Vector Semantics for Path Programs
M. W. Shields

Contents of Volume 40, Number 4, December 1999

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Tableaux Based Decision Procedures for Modal Logics of Confluence and Density
Luis Farinas del Cerro and Olivier Gasquet

Full Abstractness of a Metric Semantics for Action Refinement
J.I. den Hartog, E.P. de Vin and J.W. de Bakker

Rough Sets and Association Rule Generation
Hung Son Nguyen and Sinh Hoa Nguyen

Generalized Mutual Exclusion with Semaphores Only
E.T. Ordman, E. Eberbach and A. Anwar