Contents of Fundamenta Informaticae Volume 39.

Number 1-2, July 1999

Number 3, July-August 1999

Number 4, September 1999

Contents of Volume 39, Number 1-2, July1999

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A Pragmatic Approach to Extending Provers by Computer Algebra - with Applications to Coding Theory
Clemens Ballarin and Lawrence C. Paulson

A Hybrid Method for Finite Model Search in Equational Theories
Belaid Benhamou and Laurent Henocque

Specification and Integration of Theorem Provers and Computer Algebra Systems
PG.Bertoli, J.Calmet, F.Giunchiglia and K.Homann

On Intuitionistic Proof Transformations, their Complexity, and Application to Constructive Program Synthesis
U.Egly and S.Schmitt

Combining Clifford Algebraic Computing and Term-Rewriting for Geometric Theorem Proving
S.Fevre and D.Wang

On Quantified Modal Logic

On the Use of Subgoal Clauses in Bottom-up and Top-down Calculi
Dirk Fuchs

Basic Completion with E-cycle Simplification
Ch.Lynch and Ch. Scharff

An Open Automated Framework for Constraint Solver Extension: the SoleX Approach
E.Monfroy and Ch. Ringeissen

Automating Inductive Specification Proofs
B.Pientka and Ch.Kreitz

Algorithms for Rational Real Algebraic Curves

J.R.Sendra and Franz Winkler

Contents of Volume 39, Number 3, July-August 1999

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Relations Algebras in Qualitative Spatial Reasoning

Ivo Düntsch, Hui Wang, and Stephen McCloskey

On the Complexity of Perfect Models of Logic Programs

Sergey M. Dudakov

The Complexity of Certain Modal Formulas on Binary Ramified Subset Trees

Bernhard Heinemann

A Comprehensive Setting for Matching and Unification over Iterative Terms

B.Intrigila, P.Inverardi and M.V. Zilli

Thue Specifications and Their Monadic Second-order Properties

T. Knapik and H. Calbrix

An Assistant Agent

H. Müller, T. Hilbrich and R.Kühnel

Contents of Volume 39, Number 4, September 1999

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On Average Time Complexity of Decision Trees and Branching Programs
I. Chikalov

The More We Learn the Less We Know? On Inductive Learning from Examples
P. Ejdys and G. Góra

The Membership Problem for Switching Classes with Skew Gains
J. Hage

Contributions to the Theory of Rough Sets
V. W. Marek and M. Truszczyński

Modal description logics: modalizing roles
F. Wolter and M. Zakharyaschev