Contents of Fundamenta Informaticae Volume 38.

Number 1-2, March-April 1999

Number 3, May 1999

Number 4, June 1999

Contents of Volume 38, Number 1-2, March-April 1999

Special issue dedicated to Arto Salomaa

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38(1-2)  1999
Special issue dedicated to Arto Salomaa

A Precise Version of a Time Hierarchy Theorem.
Amir M. Ben-Amram and Neil D. Jones

Relative Cost Random Access Machines
Martti Penttonen

The Complexity of Identifying Large Equivalence Classes
Sven Skyum, Gudmund S. Frandsen, Peter Bro Miltersen and Peter G. Binderup 2

A General Model for Adjacency
Merja Wanne and Matti Linna

Traps, Cores, Extensions and Subdirect Decompositions of Unary Algebras
S. Bogdanoviĉ, M. Ĉiriĉ, T. Petkoviĉ, B. Imreh and M. Steinby

Bisimulation and Open Maps for Timed Transition Systems
Mogens Nielsen and Thomas Hune

Distinguishability, Simulation and Universality of Moore Tree Automata
Eija Jurvanen and Marjo Lipponen

On the Circuit Depth of Structurally Reversible Cellular Automata
Jarkko Kari

Subwords and Power-Free Words are not Expressible by Word Equations
Lucian Ilie

Defect Theorems for Trees
Juhani Karhumäki and Sabrina Mantaci

Solving Equivalence of Recurrent Sequences in Groups by Polynomial Manipulation
Keijo Ruohonen

Construction and Enumeration of All Binary Duadic Codes of Length pm
Cunsheng Ding, Kwok Yan Lam and Chaoping Xing

Non-Injectivity and Knapsacks
Jukka A. Koskinen

Solitaire Zero-knowledge
Valtteri Niemi and Ari Renvall

Undecidability in Integer Weighted Finite Automata
Vesa Halava and Tero Harju

The Equivalence Problem of D0L and DF0L Power Series
Juha Honkala

On the Decidability of Some Problems Concerning Morphisms, Regular Sets, and Post Correspondence Problem
Paavo Turakainen

Contents of Volume 38, Number 3, May 1999

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On Causality Semantics of Nets with Priorities
Ryszard Janicki and Maciej Koutny

Multi-Bracketed Contextual Rewriting Grammars
Martin Kappes

Many-Valued Modal Non-Monotonic Reasoning: Sequential Stable Sets and Logics with Linear Truth Spaces
Costas D. Koutras, George Koletsos and Stathis Zachos

Contents of Volume 38, Number 4, June 1999

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A Subtyping for Extensible, Incomplete Objects
Viviana Bono, Michele Bugliesi, Mariangiola Dezani-Ciancaglini and Luigi Liquori

On Accepting Pure Lindenmayer Systems
Henning Bordihn, Henning Fernau and Markus Holzer

On the Relationships among four Timed Process Algebras
Flavio Corradini, Domenicantonio D'Ortenzio and Paola Inverardi

On Synchronization in P Systems
Gheorghe Paun and Sheng Yu