Contents of Fundamenta Informaticae Volume 113

Number 1,  2011

Number 2,  2011

Number 3-4,  2011

Contents of Volume 113, Number 1, 2011

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Latin American Workshop on Logic Languages, Algorithms and New Methods of Reasoning (LANMR). Preface.

Solving the International Timetabling Competition: a Deterministic Approach
Oscar Chávez-Bosquez,  Pilar Pozos-Parra,  Florian Lengyel

Nested Preferences in Answer Set Programming
Roberto Confalonieri,  Juan Carlos Nieves

A Possibilistic Argumentation Decision Making Framework with Default Reasoning
Juan Carlos Nieves,  Roberto Confalonieri

A Threshold for a Polynomial Solution of #2SAT
Guillermo De Ita,  J. Raymundo Marcial-Romero,  José Antonio Hernández

Armin: Automatic Trance Music Composition using Answer Set Programming
Flavio Omar Everardo Pérez,  Fernando Antonio Aguilera Ramírez

Contents of Volume 113, Number 2, 2011

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Machine Learning in Bioinformatics. Preface.

Uncovering Bivariate Interactions in High Dimensional Data Using Random Forests with Data Augmentation
Jorge M Arevalillo,  Hilario Navarro

Efficient Search Methods for Statistical Dependency Rules
Wilhelmiina Hämäläinen

Relational Feature Mining with Hierarchical Multitask kFOIL
Elisa Cilia,  Niels Landwehr,  Andrea Passerini

Contents of Volume 113, Number 3-4, 2011

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Applications and Theory of Petri Nets and Other Models of Concurrency, 2010. Preface.

Separability in Persistent Petri Nets
Eike Best,  Philippe Darondeau

Learning Workflow Petri Nets
Javier Esparza,  Martin Leucker,  Maximilian Schlund

High-Level Petri Net Model Checking with AlPiNA
Steve Hostettler,  Alexis Marechal,  Alban Linard,  Matteo Risoldi,  Didier Buchs

On Three Alternative Characterizations of Combined Traces
Dai Tri Man Lê

Wendy: A Tool to Synthesize Partners for Services
Niels Lohmann,  Daniela Weinberg

Accelerations for the Coverability Set of Petri Nets with Names
Fernando Rosa-Velardo,  María Martos-Salgado,   David de Frutos-Escrig

Light Region-based Techniques for Process Discovery
Marc Solé,  Josep Carmona

Can Stubborn Sets be Optimal?
Antti Valmari,  Henri Hansen

Causal Behavioural Profiles - Efficient Computation, Applications, and Evaluation
Matthias Weidlich,  Artem Polyvyanyy,  Jan Mendling,   Mathias Weske