Contents of Fundamenta Informaticae Volume 112

Number 1,  2011

Number 2-3,  2011

Number 4,  2011

Contents of Volume 112, Number 1, 2011

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Concurrency Specification and Programming (CS&P). Preface.

Maximally Parallel Probabilistic Semantics for Multiset Rewriting
Roberto Barbuti,  Francesca Levi,  Paolo Milazzo,  Guido Scatena

Model Checking Temporal-Epistemic Logic Using Alternating Tree Automata
Francesco Belardinelli, Andrew V. Jones,  Alessio Lomuscio

On Synthesis and Analysis of Generalized Work Flow Net Structures and Transition Graphs
Ludwik Czaja,  Manfred Kudlek

PlanICS - a Web Service Composition Toolset
Dariusz Doliwa, Wojciech Horzelski,  Mariusz Jarocki,   Artur Niewiadomski,  Wojciech Penczek,  Agata Pó³rola,   Maciej Szreter,  Andrzej Zbrzezny

Liveness of Safe Object Nets
Michael Köhler-Bußmeier,  Frank Heitmann

Dynamic Motion Control: Adaptive Bimanual Grasping for a Humanoid Robot
Heinrich Mellmann,  Giuseppe Cotugno

Software Agent Systems for Improving Performance of Multi-Robot Groups
Wojciech Turek,  Krzysztof Cetnarowicz,  Wojciech Zaborowski

Contents of Volume 112, Number 2-3, 2011

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Non-Classical Models of Automata and Applications II. Preface

>On the Size of Unary Probabilistic and Nondeterministic Automata
Maria Paola Bianchi,  Carlo Mereghetti,  Beatrice Palano,   Giovanni Pighizzini

Blackhole Pushdown Automata
Erzsébet Csuhaj-Varjú,  Tomás Masopust,  György Vaszil

On Networks of Evolutionary Processors with Filters Accepted by Two-State-Automata
Jürgen Dassow,  Bianca Truthe

A Kleene-Schützenberger Theorem for Trace Series over Bounded Lattices
Martin Huschenbett

Growing Grammars and Length-reducing Automata
Tomasz Jurdziński

On McNaughton Families of Languages That Are Specified by Some Variants of Monadic String-Rewriting Systems
Peter Leupold,  Friedrich Otto

Survey: Weighted Extended Top-down Tree Transducers Part II - Application in Machine Translation
Andreas Maletti

Contents of Volume 112, Number 4, 2011

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Versatility of "Continuations" in Discourse Semantics
Anca Dinu

Rough Approximations in Varieties of Regular Languages
Gabriela Martin,  Magnus Steinby

Algebraic Framework for the Specification and Analysis of Cryptographic-Key Distribution
Khair Eddin Sabri,  Ridha Khedri

A Framework for Interval Quantization and Application to Interval Based Algorithms in Digital Signal Processing
Fabiana T. Santana,  Fágner L. Santana,  Ana Maria G. Guerreiro,  Adrião D. Dória Neto, Regivan H.N. Santiago

Security Pitfalls of the Certificateless Signature and Multi-Receiver Signcryption Schemes
Kyung-Ah Shim,  Young-Ran Lee