Contents of Fundamenta Informaticae Volume 110

Number 1-4,  2011

Contents of Volume 110, Number 1-4, 2011

Special issue dedicated to Oscar Ibarra on His 70th Birthday.

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Theory that Counts: To Oscar Ibarra on His 70th Birthday. Preface i-ii

A Multi-Criteria Metric Algorithm for Recommender Systems
Ali Akhtarzada, Cristian S. Calude,  John Hosking

P Systems with Insertion and Deletion Exo-Operations
Artiom Alhazov,  Alexander Krassovitskiy,  Yurii Rogozhin,  Sergey Verlan

Directed Overlap-inclusion Graphs as Representations of Ciliate Genes
Sepinoud Azimi,  Tero Harju,  Miika Langille,  Ion Petre,   Vladimir Rogojin

Limit Sets of Stable and Unstable Cellular Automata
Alexis Ballier,  Pierre Guillon,  Jarkko Kari

On the Hardness of Reoptimization with Multiple Given Solutions
Hans-Joachim Böckenhauer,  Juraj Hromkovic,  Andreas Sprock

Picture Languages Generated by Assembling Tiles
Paola Bonizzoni, Claudio Ferretti,  A. Roslin Sagaya Mary,  Giancarlo Mauri

Typical Paths of a Graph
Cewei Cui,  Zhe Dang,  Thomas R. Fischer

Hierarchies of Stateless Multicounter 5¢® 3¢ Watson-Crick Automata Languages
Ömer Egecioglu,   László Hegedüs,  Benedek Nagy

On Approximating Non-regular Languages by Regular Languages
Gerry Eisman,  Bala Ravikumar

Transition Complexity of Incomplete DFAs
Yuan Gao,  Kai Salomaa,  Sheng Yu

Computational Complexity of NURIKABE
Markus Holzer,  Andreas Klein,  Martin Kutrib,  Oliver Ruepp

The Sequence Equivalence Problem for Marked DT0L Systems
Juha Honkala

Minimum Unique Substrings and Maximum Repeats
Lucian Ilie,  William F. Smyth

The Unique Decipherability in the Monoid of Regular Languages is Undecidable
Juhani Karhumäki,  Aleksi Saarela

On the Regularity of Iterated Hairpin Completion of a Single Word
Lila Kari,  Shinnosuke Seki,  Steffen Kopecki

Membrane Systems with Qualitative Evolution Rules
Jetty Kleijn,  Maciej Koutny

State Complexity of Union and Intersection for Two-Way Nondeterministic Finite Automata
Michal Kunc,  Alexander Okhotin

Two-Way Reversible Multi-Head Finite Automata
Kenichi Morita

On the Hairpin Incompletion
Fumiya Okubo,  Takashi Yokomori

Limited Asynchronous Spiking Neural P Systems
Linqiang Pan,  Jun Wang,  Hendrik Jan Hoogeboom

Looking for Small Efficient P Systems
Mario J. Pérez-Jiménez,  Agustín Riscos-Núñez,   Miquel Rius-Font,  Francisco J. Romero-Campero

On Restricted Bio-Turing Machines
Rama Raghavan,  H. Ramesh,  Marian Gheorghe,  Shankara Narayanan Krishna

Characterizations and Existence of Easy Sets without Hard Subsets
Nicholas Tran

Universality of Splicing Test Tube Systems with Two Tubes
Sergey Verlan,  Maurice Margenstern

On Almost-Sure Properties of Probabilistic Discrete Event Systems
Hsu-Chun Yen