Contents of Fundamenta Informaticae Volume 109

Number 1,  2011

Number 2,  2011

Number 3,  2011

Number 4,  2011

Contents of Volume 109, Number 1, 2011

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From Glushkov WFAs to  K-Expressions
Pascal Caron,  Marianne Flouret

Constraint Satisfaction Problems in Clausal Form I: Autarkies and Deficiency
Oliver Kullmann

Constraint Satisfaction Problems in Clausal Form II: Minimal Unsatisfiability and Conflict Structure
Oliver Kullmann

Contents of Volume 109, Number 2, 2011

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Reversible Steganography for BTC-compressed Images
Chin-Chen Chang,  Chih-Yang Lin  Yi-Hsuan Fan

An Operational Petri Net Semantics for A2CCS
Roberto Gorrieri,  Cristian Versari

On the State Complexity of Star of Union and Star of Intersection
Galina Jirásková,  Alexander Okhotin

A Tissue P Systems Based Uniform Solution to Tripartite Matching Problem
Yunyun Niu,  Linqiang Pan,  Mario J. Pérez-Jiménez,  Miquel Rius Font

Cryptanalysis of Two Efficient HIBE Schemes in the Standard Model
Xu An Wang,  Xiaoyuan Yang,  Minqing Zhang

Multiplicative Transition Systems
Józef Winkowski

Contents of Volume 109, Number 3, 2011

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Concurrency Specification and Programming (CS&P). Preface i-i

Resource Driven Automata Nets
Vladimir A. Bashkin,  Irina A. Lomazova

Properties of Java Simple Closures
Marco Bellia and M. Eugenia Occhiuto

On Deadlock and Fairness Decision Problems for Computations on Client-server Systems
Ludwik Czaja

A Logic-Algebraic Approach to Graded Inclusion
Anna Gomolińska

Gained and Excluded Private Actions by Process Observations
Damas P. Gruska

A Relation between Modal Logic and Language Closure Operators
Manfred Kudlek

BDD-based Bounded Model Checking for Temporal Properties of 1-Safe Petri Nets
Artur Męski,  Wojciech Penczek,  Agata Półrola

BITES Instead of FIRST for Parsing Expression Grammar
Roman R. Redziejowski

Function Approximation and Quality Measures in Rough-Granular Systems
Marcin Szczuka,  Andrzej Skowron,  Jarosław Stepaniuk

Incomplete and Nondeterministic Information Systems: Object-Directed Semantics for Descriptor Languages
Marcin Wolski

Contents of Volume 109, Number 4, 2011

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Stephen L. Bloom 1940-2010
Zoltán Ésik and Klaus Sutner

eDonkey & eMule's Kad: Measurements & Attacks
Thomas Locher,  Stefan Schmid,  Roger Wattenhofer

Transformations Between Different Models of Unranked Bottom-Up Tree Automata
Xiaoxue Piao, Kai Salomaa

Mesh Algorithms for Solving Principal Diophantine Equations, Sand-glass Tubes and Tori of Roots
Daniel Simson

An Axiomatic Approach to the Roughness Measure of Rough Sets
Ping Zhu

Erratum to the paper: "A Logic-Based System for e-Tourism"
Francesco Ricca,  Antonella Dimasi,  Giovanni Grasso, Salvatore Maria Ielpa, Salvatore Iiritano,  Marco Manna, and Nicola Leone