Contents of Fundamenta Informaticae Volume 108

Number 1-2,  2011

Number 3-4,  2011

Contents of Volume 108, Number 1-2, 2011

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Application of Concurrency to System Design, the Eigth Special Issue. Preface.

A Scheduling Strategy for Synchronous Elastic Designs
Josep Carmona,  Jorge Júlvez,  Jordi Cortadella,   Michael Kishinevsky

Saving Space in a Time Efficient Simulation Algorithm
Silvia Crafa,  Francesco Ranzato,  Francesco Tapparo

Compact Representations and Efficient Algorithms for Operating Guidelines
Niels Lohmann,  Karsten Wolf

Flat Arbiters
Andrey Mokhov,  Victor Khomenko,  Alex Yakovlev

From Concurrent Multi-clock Programs to Deterministic Asynchronous Implementations
Dumitru Potop-Butucaru, Yves Sorel,   Robert de Simone,  Jean-Pierre Talpin

A Modal Interface Theory for Component-based Design
Jean-Baptiste Raclet, Eric Badouel, Albert Benveniste,  Benoît Caillaud,  Axel Legay,  Roberto Passerone

Guaranteeing Weak Termination in Service Discovery
Karsten Wolf, Christian Stahl,  Daniela Weinberg,  Janine Ott, Robert Danitz

Contents of Volume 108, Number 3-4, 2011

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Advances in Rough Set Theory. Preface.

Monadic Algebras: a Standpoint on Rough Sets
Marcin Wolski

An Investigation About Rough Set Theory: Some Foundational and Mathematical Aspects
Gianpiero Cattaneo

Rough Sets, Coverings and Incomplete Information
Inés Couso, Didier Dubois

Two Semantic Issues in a Probabilistic Rough Set Model
Yiyu Yao

Game-Theoretic Rough Sets
Joseph P. Herbert,  JingTao Yao

Orthopairs: A Simple and Widely Used Way to Model Uncertainty
Davide Ciucci

Textures and Fuzzy Rough Sets
Murat Diker

On Some Mathematical Structures of T-Fuzzy Rough Set Algebras in Infinite Universes of Discourse
Wei-Zhi Wu