Contents of Fundamenta Informaticae Volume 105

Number 1-2,  2010

Number 3,  2010

Number 4,  2010

Contents of Volume 105, Number 1-2, 2010

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Special Issue on the Italian Conference on Computational Logic: CILC 2009. Preface.

Extending and Implementing RASP
Stefania Costantini,  Andrea Formisano,  Davide Petturiti

A Logic-Based System for e-Tourism
Francesco Ricca,  Antonella Dimasi,  Giovanni Grasso,  Salvatore Maria Ielpa,   Salvatore Iiritano,  Marco Manna,  Nicola Leone

Solving Distributed CSPs Probabilistically
Stefano Bistarelli,  Giorgio Gosti

An Investigation of Multi-Agent Planning in CLP
Agostino Dovier,  Andrea Formisano,  Enrico Pontelli

Morphos Configuration Engine: the Core of a Commercial Configuration System in CLP(FD)
Dario Campagna,  Christian De Rosa,  Agostino Dovier,  Angelo Montanari,  Carla Piazza

A Logic-Based, Reactive Calculus of Events
Federico Chesani,  Paola Mello, Marco Montali,  Paolo Torroni

Combining Satisfiability Procedures for Unions of Theories with a Shared Counting Operator
Enrica Nicolini,  Christophe Ringeissen  and  Michael Rusinowitch

Graded Alternating-Time Temporal Logic
Marco Faella,  Margherita Napoli,  Mimmo Parente

Contents of Volume 105, Number 3, 2010

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Applications and Theory of Petri Nets and Other Models of Concurrency 2009. Preface.

Closure Operators and Lattices Derived from Concurrency in Posets and Occurrence Nets
Luca Bernardinello,  Lucia Pomello,  Stefania Rombolà

Deficiency Zero Petri Nets and Product Form
Jean Mairesse,  Hoang-Thach Nguyen

Hasse Diagram Generators and Petri Nets
Mateus de Oliveira Oliveira

Decidability Problems in Petri Nets with Names and Replication
Fernando Rosa-Velardo,  David de Frutos-Escrig

Simple Bisimilarity Minimization in O(m log n) Time
Antti Valmari

Contents of Volume 105, Number 4, 2010

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A Convergence Proof for the Particle Swarm Optimiser
Frans van den Bergh,  Andries Petrus Engelbrecht

Equational Reasoning on Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Fatemeh Ghassemi,  Wan Fokkink,  Ali Movaghar

Equivalence of Processes in Partially Commutative Object-Oriented Environments
Hayk Grigoryan,  Arsen Shoukourian

On the Use of Naive Bayesian Classifiers for Detecting Elementary and Coordinated Attacks
Tayeb Kenaza,  Karim Tabia,  Salem Benferhat