Contents of Fundamenta Informaticae Volume 103

Special Issue (Number 1-4) devoted to Jerzy Tiuryn

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A Formalism for the Description of Protein Interaction
Roberto Barbuti,  Mariangiola Dezani-Ciancaglini,   Andrea Maggiolo-Schettini,  Paolo Milazzo,  Angelo Troina

Data Linkage Dynamics with Shedding
J.A. Bergstra, C.A. Middelburg

An Efficient Algorithm for Learning Bayesian Networks from Data
Norbert Dojer

The Complexity of Restricted Variants of the Stable Paths Problem
Kevin Donnelly,  Assaf Kfoury,  Andrei Lapets

Modeling Proteolysis from Mass Spectrometry Proteomic Data
Anna Gambin,  Bogusław Kluge

H-trees: a Model of Evolutionary Scenarios with Horizontal Gene Transfer
Paweł Górecki

Church-Rosser Made Easy
Dexter Kozen

Big-step Operational Semantics Revisited
Jarosław Dominik, Mateusz Ku¶mierek,  Viviana Bono

Linearity, Non-determinism and Solvability
Michele Pagani,  Simona Ronchi Della Rocca

Communes via Yoneda, from an elementary perspective
Vaughan Pratt

Asymptotic Analysis of a Semelparous Species Model
Ryszard Rudnicki,  Radosław Wieczorek

Modeling Biology using Generic Reactive Animation
Yaki Setty,  Irun R. Cohen,  David Harel

Bottom-up b-reduction: Uplinks and l-DAGs
Olin Shivers,  Mitchell Wand

Complexity of Type Inference
Jerzy Tyszkiewicz

The Logic of Persistent Intersection
Paweł Urzyczyn

A Computer Scientist's Guide to the Regulatory Genome
Bartek Wilczyński,  Torgeir R. Hvidsten