Contents of Fundamenta Informaticae Volume 100

Number 1-4,  2010

Contents of Volume 100, Number 1-4, 2010

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Expressing Cardinality Quantifiers in Monadic Second-Order Logic over Trees
Vince Bárány, Łukasz Kaiser,  Alex Rabinovich

Game Solution, Epistemic Dynamics and Fixed-Point Logics
Johan van Benthem,  Amélie Gheerbrant

A Note on Forcing and Type Theory
Thierry Coquand,  Guilhem Jaber

A Framework for Graded Beliefs, Goals and Intentions
Barbara Dunin-Kęplicz,  Linh Anh Nguyen,  Andrzej Szałas

Structures with Multirelations, their Discrete Dualities and Applications
Ivo Düntsch,  Ewa Orłowska,  Ingrid Rewitzky

A Local Version of the MLEM2 Algorithm for Rule Induction
Jerzy W. Grzymała-Busse,  Wojciech Rz±sa

Local Computations on Triangular Graphs
Antoni Mazurkiewicz

Approximation Spaces in Rough-Granular Computing
Andrzej Skowron,  Jarosław Stepaniuk,   Roman ¦winiarski

Dynamic Mereotopology: A Point-free Theory of Changing Regions. I.
Stable and unstable mereotopological relations

Dimiter Vakarelov

PSF - A Retrospective
Gerrit Jan Veltink