Principal Investigator

Agnieszka Świerczewska-Gwiazda
Institute of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics
University of Warsaw
Banacha 2,
02-097 Warsaw
e-mail: aswiercz at
phone: +48 22 5544436
fax: +48 22 5544700

    Research project

    The goal of the project is a mathematical description of phenomena observed in the surrounding environment as well as rigorous analysis of abstract problems. Our attention will be directed to:
    • abstract scalar conservation laws with discontinuous flux
    • geoscience: systems describing flow of granular avalanches
    • epidemiology: description of evolution of infectious diseases with help of partial differential systems of hyperbolic type, in particular with the transport equation. Our studies shall concern the spread of HIV.

    The project is supported by the National Science Centre, project no. 2012/05/E/ST1/02218.