EMS School on Industrial Mathematics

The School was organized on October 11th - 18th, 2010 in Bedlewo, Poland, by Mathematical Center for Science and Technology jointly with Stefan Banach International Mathematical Center (Institute of Mathematics Polish Academy of Sciences), Hugo Steinhaus Center (Faculty of Fundamental Problems of Technology, Wroc³aw University of Technology) and Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics (University of Warsaw).

During the School the following lectures was presented:

  • Iacopo Borsi (University of Florence) - Drying of porous media: an introduction.(pdf)
  • Alistair Fitt (University of Southampton) - Flow and elasticity in human eyes and the measurement of IOP. (pdf)
  • Anders Heyden (Lund University) - Introduction to medical image analysis and shape modeling. (pdf)
  • Joachim Linn (Fraunhofer-Institute) - Aspects of mathematical modeling and simulation of metal casting processes. (pdf)
  • Helmut Neunzert (Fraunhofer-Institute) - Models for industrial problems: How to find and how to solve them. (pdf)
  • Daniel Wachsmuth (RICAM Linz) - Optimal control and maximum principle. (pdf)

In addition to lectures there was a workshop on real industrial problems. These problems were presented at the beginning of the School and solved during the School by groups of participants dedicated to a particular problem. The results, i.e. solutions to the problems are presented in reports listed below:

  • Milk cooling. (pdf)
  • Drying of a sausage. (pdf)
  • Determining interocular pressure in a noninvasive way. (the report is confidential and will be released after company approval)
  • Air bubbles in sausage production process. (pdf)
  • Approximating cornea shape. (pdf)
  • Fuel control. (the report is confidential and will be released after company approval)

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