Talks titles for Seminarium Zakładu Logiki Stosowanej

Date Speaker Title
22.02.2005 Taras V. Panchenko Methodology for Software Properties Proof in IPCL (Interleaving Parallel Composition Language)
22.02.2005 Sławomir Lasota Timed automata with one clock
01.03.2005 Filip Murlak On deciding topological classes of deterministic tree languages
08.03.2005 Daria Walukiewicz-Chrz±szcz Completeness of rewriting in the calculus of constructions
15.03.2005 Damian Niwiński Unsafe grammars, panic automata, and model checking
22.03.2005 Sibylle Fröschle Composition and Decomposition in True-Concurrency
05.04.2005 Konrad Zdanowski Nondefinability between logical operators in intuitionistic logic
12.04.2005 Patryk Czarnik Specification and verification of Java programs using JML and Coq
19.04.2005 Eryk Kopczyski Half-positionally determined winning conditions
26.04.2005 Leszek Kołodziejczyk A finite model theoretical proof of a property of bounded query classes
10.05.2005 --- The talk is cancelled due to the presentation of candidates for the Dean
17.05.2005 Michał Strojnowski Quantum programming languages
24.05.2005 Jarosław Ku¶mierek Mixins, mixins, mixins... Everything is a mixin!
24.05.2005 Nguyen Anh Linh Negative Hyper-Resolution as a Proof Procedure for Disjunctive Logic Programming
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