Algebraic Geometry Seminar at the University of Warsaw, 2021/22

Thursdays, 12:15-14:00, room 2100, ul. Banacha 2
Department of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics, University of Warsaw

Data First part: 12.15-13.00 Second part: 13.05-13.50
07.10 Alberto Franceschini, C^*-actions on rational homogeneous spaces: many questions and few answers All participants, Plans for the term
14.10 PhD students short talks Phd students short talks II
21.10 Jerzy Weyman, On structure of free resolutions of Gorenstein ideals of codimension 4 Jerzy Weyman, Part II
28.10 Andrzej Weber, Characteristic classes of certain nilpotent B-orbits Andrzej Weber, Part II
04.11 Francesco Galuppi, Secant defectivity via collisions of fat points Adrian Langer, Overview of motivic integration
18.11 Rodion Deev, Haupt-Kapovich theorem revisited Maciej Galazka, Lecture series I
25.11 Jaroslaw Buczynski, Singular curves of low degree and multifiltrations from osculating spaces Krystian Olechowski, Lecture series II
02.12 Tomasz Mandziuk, Limits of saturated ideals of points Michal Lupinski, Lecture series III
09.12 Michal Szachniewicz, Cones of curves and continuous logic Gabriela Guzman, Lecture series IV
16.12 Maciej Galazka, Secant and cactus varieties of Segre-Veronese varieties Gabriela Guzman, Lecture series V
13.01 Robert Smiech, Singular contact varieties: threefolds Piotr Achinger, Lecture series VI
27.01 Piotr Achinger, Lecture series VII Piotr Achinger, Lecture series VII, part II
03.03 Karol Palka, Almost minimal models and classification of log del Pezzo surfaces of rank 1 Karol Palka, Part II
10.03 Joachim Jelisiejew, Tensors of minimal border rank All participants, Plans for the term
17.03 Ben Heuer, Pro-etale uniformisation of varieties over p-adic fields Ben Heuer, Part II
24.03 Adrian Langer, On boundedness of semistable sheaves Gabriela Guzman, Resolution of singularities: overview
31.03 Cohomology of Varieties: conference IMPAN, 28.03-01.04
07.04 Wieslawa Niziol, De Rham cohomology of algebraic and analytic varieties over local fields Wieslawa Niziol, Part II
21.04 Feliks Raczka, Resolution of singularities I Jaroslaw Lawnicki, Resolution of singularities II.1
28.04 Jaroslaw Lawnicki, Resolution of singularities II.2 Mateusz Kobak, Resolution of singularities III
05.05 Francesco Galuppi, Schemes of tensor eigenvectors Pawel Poczobut, Resolution of singularities IV
12.05 Feliks Raczka, De Rham cohomology of connections on affinoids Pawel Poczobut, Resolution of singularities IV.2
19.05 Gabriela Guzman, On algebraic K-theory for logarithmic schemes Michal Lupinski, Resolution of singularities VI
26.05 H'el'ene Esnault, Recent developments on rigid local systems H'el'ene Esnault, Part II
02.06 Gabriela Guzman, Resolution of singularities VII Gabriela Guzman, Resolution of singularities VIII