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This page contains some of my Mathematica related articles and notebooks .

Morse Theory 

Text of talk as a Mathematica notebook with output deleted.

Evaluate this  before evaluating the above.

This is a part of the talk on Topology and Mathematica which I gave at the IMS 2001. This text, which is only a part of the actual talk has appeared in Symbolic Computation: New Horizons. Proceedings of the The Fourth International Mathematica Symposium. Tokyo Denis University Press 2001. It is basically an introduction to Morse Theory.

Derivative Pricing with Mathematica 

Mathematica notebook without output.

This is the talk I gave at SCI 2002 in July 2002. It appeared in the Proceedings of the Conference. It is an introduction to the very basic concepts of derivative pricing. I shall be teaching an Internet based Course on Derivative Pricing with Mathematica at Warsaw University, beginning in October 2002.

Algebraic Programming

This article appeared in The Mathematica Journal Volume 9, Issue 2, 2004.

Steenrod operations in cohomology of BF4

Mathematica in Algebraic Topology. Implements the Steenrod Squares and computes their action in the cohomology of the classifying space of the exceptional Lie group F4.This is a talk I gave at the 5th IMS in July 2003.

The Black-Scholes Equation and Mathematica

This is the text of a talk I gave recently at the Tokyo Denki University. It demonstrates one way of deriving and solving the Black-Scholes equation with Mathematica. The notebook is in the form of an "on screen"presentation; I am currently preparing a more extensive article version.

Below is an article which appeared in "Mathematica in Education and Research" in 2007. Unfortunately the jounral folded in 2008. The article descibes the new random number generators in Mathematica 6 and realted new features:

Random Number Generation in Mathematica 6.0

I recently got involved in Wolfram's Mathematica 6 Demonstration Project. You can see all my demonstrations here:

My Demonstrations