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description of the proseminar registration procedure


  • Registration lasts two weeks, usually at the beginning of June (registration shall be ordered by the vice-dean for student affairs). It ends before registration for other courses ends. (A list of available proseminaries can be found on USOSweb)
  • Preliminary results of the registration are known a few days after the registration.
  • Registration algorithm:


  1. The student indicates a proseminar of 1st choice and (optionally) a proseminar of 2nd choice.
  2. The list of students eligible for registration is ordered according to each student's grade point average obtained in the courses: AMI.1, AMI.2, AMII1., GALI or Algebra for MSEM 1, GAL2 or Algebra for MSEM 2, Topolgy I, in order from highest to lowest.
  3. In the order determined by the list for the person on the list, the algorithm checks if there is a vacancy for the 1st choice proseminar. If yes, the person is registered for this proseminar. If not, the algorithm checks for a free place on proseminar of the 2nd choice and registers that person if there are places available. If there are no vacancies on both proseminar, the person is not registered.