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Wydział Matematyki, Informatyki i Mechaniki Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego

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PhD Studies

  • This website concerns PhD students who began the PhD program before 2019. Currently, PhD studies are realized through Warsaw Doctoral School of Mathematics and Computer Science:

General Information

  • Doctoral studies last 4 years. At our Faculty the following disciplines can be studied:

    1. Mathematics with the specialty:
      • analysis
      • algebra
      • geometry
      • topology
      • mathematical logic
      • foundations of mathematics
      • applied mathematics
    2. Informatics

    Only persons who satisfy the conditions set out in Article 12 Paragraph 1.1 of the Act from 14th of March 2003 about the scientific titles and degrees (Dz.U. 03.65.595) and passed an examination in mathematics or computer science can be accepted for the studies.

    The examining board will take into account the candidate's previous academic achievements and evaluation of studies, presented opinions of academics and work experience.

    Candidates should have a good knowledge of English.

    Students may receive a scholarship (close to a salary of an assistant). Receiving scholarship obliges to teach classes (60 hours per year). This scholarship may be granted by the University or the employer who employs a doctoral student. PhD students get a number of employee rights.

    Non-resident PhD students can apply for a place in the assistant's hotel.


    Qualifying examination is held in June.

  • Contact

    Head of the Doctoral Studies:

    Prof. Paweł Traczyk
    Fax: (+48-22) 55-44-200


    Office of the Doctoral Studies:

    Piotr Jarmoła
    p. 1730
    tel. 22 55 44 173

PRINCIPLES OF the qualification examination after the first year of the doctoral studies

  • (Determined at a meeting of the Faculty Council at 14th of January 1999)

    1. Evaluation of the first year of the doctoral studies is subject to passing the qualification examination which consists of:
      • submission of the doctoral project;
      • oral presentation of the project in the presence of an examining board designated by the Dean, combined with examination of knowledge related to the field of doctoral project, leading to the approval or rejection of the project by the board.
    2. The examination takes place twice a year - in the second decade of June and the first decade of September. Exact dates are announced by the Head of the Doctoral Studies, not later than May, 1st.
    3. The project should be submitted in three copies, not later than 11 days before the examination.
    4. The project should include:
      • determination of the topic of the doctorate as related to the background of the major known results and present problems in this area;
      • review of the major literature with a discussion of the contents;
      • description of the academic interests of the doctoral student, discussion on the current work and the obtained results (if any);
      • plans for the further research and prospects for the expected results.
    5. The project should be submitted in writing, Polish or English, and its size should not exceed 16 pages.
    6. The examining board will accept the project if following conditions are met:
      • there is a real chance of preparing the doctoral thesis on the proposed topic;
      • during the first year of the study the student has made the progress promising the successful completion of studies;
      • the student has demonstrated satisfactory knowledge of the topic covered by the project.
    7. The Head of Doctoral Studies requests the deletion from the list of a student who has not passed the qualifying examination.
    8. If the Faculty Council agrees for a student who has not passed the qualifying examination, to continue the study, then such a student takes the exam again in the nearest term, on the same conditions.


The most important changes for PhD students resulting from the Act 2.0.

  • On October 1, 2018 a new Higher Education and Science Act came into force. It will change the structure of the University of Warsaw by introducing a new system of doctoral education. Here is what you need to know.

Joint MIM UW and MiNI PW PhD Program in Data Science

  • You can enroll for doctoral studies if you meet the requirements applicable in the participating faculties.

    A person who successfully joins the phd program at the Faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics, Warsaw University of Technology or at the Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics, Warsaw University (in the field of computer science or mathematics) and declares the willingness, can take the advantage of the educational offer at both faculties.


PhD Program

  • Year of study Sem-
    1. Lecture/
    2. Lecture/
    fundamental disciplines
    3. Designation of a supervisor 4. Prelim examination
    I 1   30/exam +  
    2   30/exam   +(1)
    II 3 30/exam 30/exam    
    4 30/exam 30/exam    
    III 5 30/exam      
    6 30/exam      
    IV 7        
    Year of study Sem-
    5. Doctoral seminar 6. Initiation of the doctoral procedure 7. Lecture/
    additional disciplines
    8. Classes taught by the doctoral student
    I 1 30   30 (exam)
    30 (exam)
    up to 60
    2 30/evaluation  
    II 3 30   up to 60
    4 30/evaluation  
    III 5 30   up to 60
    6 30/evaluation +(2)
    IV 7 30      
    8 30/evaluation      

    (1) Examination confirming the capacity for independent research. The examining board is designated by the Dean of the Faculty.

    (2) The initiation of a doctorate procedure should take place before the end of the third year of study.

    (3) The monographic lectures and lectures from the fundamental disciplines can be completed by classes.

    (4) Instead of two 30 hours lectures one 60 hour lecture may be taken.