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Degree Programmes at the MIM Faculty

The Faculty offers degree programmes in two fields: Computer Science and Mathematics. The full-time Master's programmes are taught within one field of study; they last five years and consist of two stages:

  • Bachelor's stage lasting 3 years (years I-III), leading to a Bachelor's degree,
  • Master's stage lasting two years (years IV-V), for students with a Bachelor's Degree, leading to a Master's degree.

At the Bachelor's stage, there is an option for joint Mathematics and Computer Science studies. The joint degree programme leads to the award of two Bachelor's degrees. Recently, in collaborations with the Faculty of Economics, the MIM Faculty established a joint degree programme in economics and mathematics.

The Master's programme in Mathematics offers the following specialisations: General, Financial Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Mathematics Instruction, Mathematics and Computer Science Instruction. The Master's programme in Informatics has no formal subdivisions. The MIM Faculty participates in the SOCRATES programme: each year a number of our students spend one or two semesters at other European universities.

The MIM Faculty together with the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics of the Vrije Universitet in Amsterdam run joint master's programmes in mathematics and in computer science.

The MIM Faculty offers many courses to students at other faculties of Warsaw University.